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The C.Q.Office of Prague 12
Piskova 830/25
143 12 Prague 4 - Modrany
Phone: 241 763 172 - 3

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About the Region


In 1991 the City District Prague - Modrany became an independent Prague district with all powers. After the municipal elections in November 1994 it became District Prague 12. At present this district incorporates parts of municipalities Cholupice, Kamyk, Komorany, Modrany a Tocna.


Modrany in the years 1930

The area along the river was always attractive fot people to settle. Towards Zbraslav town, "Na zavisti", the remains of vast fortification, the center of celtic empire from 200 b. Ch., are still visible.

The oldest written remark of Modrany dates back to 1178, when Bohemian Duke Sobeslav II. dedicated "the area at Modrany town on two ploughs with a vineyard" to the Vysehrad Abbey. The name of Modrany probably comes from blue color of grapes. Modrany have been an agricultural village for a long time. The sugar refinery, which belongs to the oldest in Europe, was the first industrial factory.

Within a rapid development of Prague in the end of the last century, Modrany developed too. lt became an attractive place for building villas. So in thirties some remarkable funcionalistic villas appeared here. In 1936 Modrany became a markettown and in 1967 it was proclaimed to be a town. The keys of Vysehrad Abbey and a sugar loaf became an emblem of the town. However in the same year Modrany joined Prague.


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